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Master's Degree IBMCG

Master's Degree in Research in Biology, Mollecular, Cellular and Genetics Biology

“I decided to study this Master’s Degree due to the possibility of working on my Final Master’s Degree Project in a UV group research"


14 september 2018

I was finishing my Degree in Biology at the Universitat de València, when I started to take a look at the Master’s Degrees offered by the Spanish public universities with the purpose of pursuing a career in research. It was in this moment, when I decided to continue studying at the UV.  There are several reasons to explain why I chose to study the Master’s Degree in Research in Molecular, Cellular and Genetics Biology. The main one was the given opportunity to work on my Final Master’s Degree Project in the laboratory where I did my Final Project Degree. Moreover, the realization of the Final Master’s Degree counts 30 ECTS. This fact allows you to work during a quarter in a laboratory and acquiring experience.
Furthermore, apart from the core subjects that this Master’s Degree could offer, we can find a wide selection of elective subjects focused on different spheres. Thanks to that, you can get the specialty in the field you like the most or to choose electives subjects of different specialties.
Once I have studied this Master’s Degree, I would highlight the elective subject ‘’Detection and identification of migrant populations” if you had interest for the microbiology as it was my case, it gives you different knowledge that those obtained in the degree. Regarding the core subjects, I would highlight ‘’Omics technologies’’ that despite the difficulties, is a subject that bring you some basic knowledge to all students who want to start a career in research.
Finally, I would like to highlight the kindness and closeness of the teachers and the great work of the Master’s Degree directors.