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Objectives of the Master's degree

The objective of the Master's degree in RMCGB is to provide excellence training in molecular, cellular and genetics biology, both in theory as in practice. It is expected that the students acquire a basic theory training, develop the necessary skills to carry out research tasks, and acquire the proper scientific attitudes that allow them to face science problems in biochemistry and molecular biology, cellular biology, plant physiology, genetics or microbiology, that covers a great part of the range of professionalisation of the biology disciplines.

The critical profile of the Master's degree in RMCGB is to train researchers, both for its following application in the university field (entry to a doctorate programme) as well as in private companies or official organisations where they carry out research work. With this in mind, the Master's degree ends up with the Master's Degree Final Project that is carried out in the research lines offered by the research groups that participate in the Master's and whose standing is recognised at a national and international level.  Obviously, graduates of the Master's degree can access directly the Research Stage of the Doctoral Programme in Biotechnology, linked to the Master's degree in RMCGB.