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Know the PhD you can access through Master’s Degree.

Universitat de València offers a Doctoral Studies Programme in Information Technologies, Communications and Computing. It is organised by the Department of Computer Science and will help you to enriching your knowledge in a vital sector such as ICT. Some details of this Doctoral Programme are outlined below.

22 june 2016

Direction is in charge of José Manuel Claver Iborra,

tenured professor from UV’s Departmen of Computer Science. Among the members of the Programme’s Academic Commission we want to stand out Rafael Martínez Durá, since he is also professor of Master’s Degree.

The profile of the students who access the doctoral programme in Information Technologies, Communication and Computing, is the profile of a graduate in Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and related, who have taken a Master’s Degree along the same lines. More concretely, the recommended entry profile corresponds to students who have acquired the prior abilities and knowledge that are obtained when passing some of the following official master’s degree of Universitat de València:

  • Telecommunications Engineering (90 ECTS)
  • Biomedical Engineering (120 ECTS)
  • Web Services and Web Applications Engineering (60 ECTS)

This Doctoral Studies Programme aims to promote the research skills, the innovation and technological transfer in the field of Information Technologies and Communications. The main aims of this Postgraduate Degree are:

  • To provide a comprehensive training in the research lines considered (all of them of scientific and technological nature), both in the essential aspect, focused on finding new theoretical results of great relevance, and the applied one, focused on the technological transfer.
  • To train researchers able to solve complex problems related to new technologies and to the management of several kinds of information and different levels of abstraction.
  • Facilitate the integration of graduated students as scientific or technological staff within the transnational working and research groups in science and technology parks, innovation technology companies, universities or research institutes.

From the point of view of the technological transfer, this Doctoral Studies Programme also trains students in applied research, wich will be very useful for the professionals who want to work in science and technology parks. The Information Technologies and Communications (ICT) are not only an important sector of the economic activity, but they are also an essential driving force in all fields associated to knowledge in the european society: ICT are clearly related to innovation concept.