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University Cooperation for Development is an essential part of the social commitment of the Universitat de València, whose work to achieve the human and sustainable development of the country with which it cooperates is linked to teaching and research, its natural scope of action.

Recognizing the crucial role of education and training as a driving force for development, the Luis Vives Scholarships of the Cooperation Program offer the opportunity to study Official Master's degree at the University of Valencia to graduates of priority areas of special impact in development, that guarantee the transmission of the acquired knowledge.

The Luis Vives Scholarships provide all means to achieve advanced training specialized in master's studies, paying full scholarships that cover the whole stay. Post-graduate students will return to their countries of origin, contributing their knowledge and helping to broaden the options of their inhabitants to live a decent, dignified and full life.


Call for Luis Vives Scholarhips for academic year 2018-2019

Correction of the list of masters excluded from the scholarships.

DOGV Publication

Deadline for applications: from april 16th to may 15th, 2018.

On-line application

Awards resolution

Awards annexes lists



Call for Luis Vives Scholarships for academic year 2017-2018

Deadline for applications: from 4th march to 3rd april, 2017.

On-line application



Call for Luis Vives Scholarships for academic year 2016-2017

Deadline for applications: from 25th may to 16th june, 2016.

On-line application


Recipients of the scholarship must submit their express acceptance of the scholarship by mail to becascoop@uv.es within a maximum period of 26 July 2016 .

Beneficiaries who have not sent their acceptance within that period shall mean the grant is rejected, and move to the next candidate.


Call for Luis Vives Scholarships for academic year 2015-2016

Deadline for applications: from 1st to 17th de june, 2015.

Anenx III Application 

Applications must be addressed by e-mail to: becascoop@uv.es



Call Mediterranean Scholarships for academic year 2014-2015

Deadline for applications: from 27th may to 18th june 2014.


Call Maghreb-Mediterranean Scholarships for academic year 2013-2014

Deadline for applications: 23rd july 2013.


Call for academic year 2012-2013

Convocatoria Curso 2011-2012