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The EBC Chair opens the registration for the Diploma of Professional Specialization

Schedule: From 15 october 2018 to 28 june 2019. Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday at 00:00 to 00:00.


Place: Universitat de València


The official registration of the Diploma of University Professional Specialization in Consultancy of the Economy of the Common Good that the EBC Chair organizes in collaboration with the Valencian Association for the Promotion of the Economy of the Common Good AVEBC and is sponsored by the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, productive sectors, trade and work of the Generalitat Valenciana is now open. It is also sponsored by Caja Popular, a Valencian credit cooperative. This is a Professional Specialisation Diploma of 30 ECTS credits equivalent to 750 hours of total distance learning in the area of Business Management and Administration to be taught as part of the Postgraduate Courses offered by the University of Valencia during the 2018-19 academic year in its first edition. The start date of the Diploma is 15 October 2018 and ends 28 June 2019. This course is different from other courses related to Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics or the Social Economy. It focuses in a differentiated and exclusive way on the Economy of the Common Good model. In addition, it has professionals from the field of the EBC with the aim of raising awareness of the model of the Economy of the Common Good, teaching them how to use its tools, such as the Balance of the Common Good and the Matrix of the Common Good, and training technicians specialized in EBC consulting in order to facilitate its implementation to companies and organizations.

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La Cátedra Economía del Bien Común .



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