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Women and Illustration in Europe and America

Conference of the programme Universitat i Societat de Paterna, by professor Mónica Bolufer Peruga.

The Office of the...

Sant Vicent Ferrer: man of church and state. Conference by Mateu Rodrigo Lizondo. 23/05/2019. La Nau. 19:00 h

Sant Vicent Ferrer: man of church and state

Clàssics a La Nau (Classics at La Nau)
Thursdays of San Vincent Ferrer


Jornada sobre el ejercicio de la abogacía

Conference on law practice

The main objective of this Conference is to offer the students of the Master’s Degree in Law Practice of the UV...


4th International Congress CLUSTERING

For the fourth consecutive year, the Faculty of Economics (UV) will host the CLUSTERING Congress, which aims to serve...

External Assessment Committee

Visit of the External Assessment Committee

It will assess the Master's Degree in Aquaculture, the Master's Degree in Molecular Approaches in Health...

Exhibition of the Theatre Permanent Workshop 1st level UV. 22/23maig-2019. La Nau. 19.30 h

Exhibition of the Theatre Permanent Workshop 1st level UV

La Nau Theatre

Exhibition of the Theatre Permanent Workshop 1st level UV

Professor: Josep Valero

Colloquium every...

'Girl' a Ontinyent

‘Girl’ a Ontinyent [del 17 al 23/5]

Entrada gratuïta amb el carnet de la Universitat de València (més un acompanyant) a la...


University Junior International Entrepreneurs

The Universitat de València, through the Vice-Principal for Employment and Training Services, calls 3 mobility...

El servicio UVempleo.

I UVJob Awards

The Universitat de València convenes the I UVJob Awards in recognition of people and/or...

'El nom' al Teatre Micalet

'El nom' at Teatre Micalet

The university community can use the interchangeable pass (


Registration for the CELI Italian Exams of June (until the 23rd of May)

You can now register for the CELI Italian Exams of the 25th of June. Enrolment open until the 23rd of May. More information...


Diploma in Professional Specialisation on Economy for the Common Good Consultancy

The pre-registration period for the Diploma in Professional Specialisation on Economy for the Common Good Consultancy...

Un país de cultures. Convocatoria de la I Edición del premio. Centre Cultural La Nau

‘Un país de cultures’ Prize

First Edition of ‘Un país de cultures’ Prize of the Universitat de València.

The Universitat de...

Vista de Xàtiva

2nd Spring University. Open registration

The Universitat de València presents on 8th May the second edition of the Spring University of...

Cartel exposición

'Rius per l’aire. Aqüeductes de la Comunitat Valenciana', Exhibition

The Demetrio Ribes Chair organises at the Museu de la Ciutat de Valéncia (plaça de l’Arquebisbe,...


'Història de la ciència. Introducció general'. Registration period open

The Lifelong Learning Service and Educational Innovation (SFPIE) of the Universitat de València offers...

Cursos de primavera del Botànic

Spring courses at the Botanical Garden

We have a suggestion for you: delve into botany and learn to determine plants, practice ethnobotany and learn to...


'Natura mediterrània', by Cáliz Pallarés

This exhibition is hosted by the Botanical Garden of the Universitat de València and displays the last creative decade of the Valencian...

Modesto Bargalló

Modesto Bargalló (1894-1981): Teacher of Teachers

The first decades of the 20th century were years of significant changes in the practice and conception of the science...


Incentives for creating academic materials in Valencian and English

The Linguistic Policy Service provides incentives for the linguistic quality of Valencian and English teaching...


Award for the Works on Didactics in the Management of Residential Waters

The call for the inscription on the contest "Works on Didactics in the Integral Management and Recovery of...

Ajudes per a l'organització d'activitats que contribuïsquen a l'ús del valencià

Grants to help organising activities that contribute to the use of Valencian


In the Servei we work to achieve fully Linguistic Equality in the University. Because of that, we collaborate through financial aid in activities of promotion of Valencian targeted to the Universitat de València. These grants are aimed at promotion campaigns of Valencian, cultural and academic activities entirely carried out in Valencian, as well as journeys, concerts, theatrical performances, film projections, distribution of publications, audiovisual and multimedia materials, etc. The application can be submitted between 1st February and 29th November of 2019, at least 10 days prior the beginning of the activity. The total sum of the application will be determined by the Servei, in accordance with the valuation of the submitted report and project, its viability and interest. The maximum amount is 4000€ (VAT included) per entity and project.

More information and documentation:

Abierto el plazo de preinscripción hasta el 19 de junio

Pre-registration for the Masters of the UV year 2019-20

The first stage of pre-registration for the official Masters of the Universitat de València for the year...


Who a business be can

The Chair for Business Culture of the Universitat de València has perfected the edition of “Who can be a...


The EBC Chair opens the registration for the Diploma of Professional Specialization

The official registration of the Diploma of University Professional Specialization in Consultancy of the Economy of the Common Good that the EBC...

An image of the activity

Scientific-Medical Collection of the University of Valencia. 2. Medicine and Society

Scientific-Medical Collection of the University of Valencia. 2. Medicine and Society Open on 5 June in Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (Avenida...

Vicente Peset by J. Mestre

Medical-scientific collection of the University of Valencia 1. Science and society

The López Piñero Institute for the History of Medicine and Science (joint centre of the CSIC and the University of Valencia), based...

Esmeralda Berbel. Creative Writing Workshop. 23/05/2019. Centre Cultural La Nau. 11:00h

Creative Writing Workshop.Esmeralda Berbel

Escola Europea de Pensament Lluís Vives
Cycle: Creative Women

Creative Writing Workshop

Chaired by

expo Tòxics

(In)visible Toxins

INAUGURATION: Tuesday, 2 April 2019. 7pm. López Piñero Inter-University Institute. Palau Cerveró. Plaça Cisneros, 4....



Image of the cover of the video;Mural Col·legi Major Rector Peset 1/2
Image of the cover of the video;Mural Col·legi Major Rector Peset 2/2
Image of the cover of the video;Viure la Uni. Col·legi Major Rector Peset

Mural Col·legi Major Rector Peset 1/2

Damián Flores Llanos pinta el mural para el Colegio Mayor Rector Peset (Valencia). Parteix 2.


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