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The Research Group, Curriculum, Resources and Educational Institutions (CRIE), founded in 1991, own an exceptional background and experience. It belongs to the Department of Didactics and School Organization from University of Valencia (UV-0347) formed by a group of lecturers of the same university and some others. Since its origins, its intention it's to explore the politics and practices articulated beyond the educational systems, institutions and classrooms thrown into confusion in the change of millennium. The members of the group, with specific educational purposes, share the motivation of make progress in the knowledge about how, from the classrooms, a new form of active citizens is brewing. Citizens that without apparent problems pass through a plural world actively. In the way, the group has attended objects of analysis as complex as: reforms, educational innovation, academic planning, evaluation, ways of teaching, comprehensive school, leading schools, organization, participation, citizenship, attention to diversity, technology, etc.

But the production of knowledge, taking part, then and now, in investigation projects, doesn't come up with the expectations of those who form part of CRIE. We would like to extend the achievements bringing up students interested in our lines of investigation. Therefore, some of them are actually active members of the group as a trainee researchers, phD candidates or doctors. The presence in the society of the research group is made through the publication of our investigations, taking part in forums, conferences and congress, as well as in the institutions that summoned us. Intentions that we take on with illusion and energy of the new members as well as bringing up to date our web as a place to meet and exchange ideas with people with the same interests and motivations.