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Centre coordinator

Calero Valera, Ana R.
Email: Ana.R.Calero@uv.es

Degree in Audiovisual Communication

El Ketiti Yahmedi, Aouatef
Email: aouatef.ketiti@uv.es

Degree in English Studies

Maruenda Bataller, Sergio
Email: sergio.maruenda@uv.es

Alonso Recarte, Claudia
Email: claudia.alonso@uv.es

Degree in Hispanic Studies

Rodrigo Mancho, Ricardo
Email: Ricardo.rodrigo@uv.es

Garcia Valle, Adela
Email: adela.garcia@uv.es

Degree in Catalan Philology

Roca Ricart, Rafael
Email: rafael.roca@uv.es

Degree in Classical Philology

Coronel Ramos, Marco Antonio

Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures

Ramos Gay, Ignacio
Email: ignacio.ramos@uv.es

Gutiérrez Koester, Isabel
Email: isabel.gutierrez@uv.es

Degree in Journalism

Palau Sampio, Dolors
Email: dolors.palau@uv.es

Degree in Translation and Interlinguistic Mediation

Santaemilia Ruiz, José (english)
Email: jose.santaemilia@uv.es

Pinilla Martinez, M.Julia (french)
E-mail: M.julia.pinilla@uv.es

Robles Sabater, Ferran (german)
E-mail: Ferran.robles@uv.es


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