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Història de la Facultat de Física

The Faculty of Physics at the Universitat de València, previously known as Faculty of Physical Sciences, was created on 19 September 1997 by ministerial decree, which resolved the division of former Faculty of Physical Sciences of the Universitat de València into four faculties:

  • Faculty of Chemical Sciences
  • Faculty of Physical Sciences
  • Faculty of Mathematical Sciences
  • Faculty of Biological Sciences

Similarly, its origins go back to October 1961, time of creation of the Physical Sciences Section in the former Faculty of Sciences located in number 13 Blasco Ibáñez Avenue, which only had the Chemical Sciences Section at the time. The latter appearance of the Mathematical and Biological Sciences Sections, the progressive increase of students and the imminent move to the current Burjassot Campus gave way to the above mentioned division.

Due to the introduction of new degrees, under the aegis of the University Reform Law at the University of Valencia during the 1993-94 academic year, were launched, all of them appointed to the Faculty of Physics, because of the transformation of the specialties which were being taught and the transformation of the former Physical Sciences Llicenciatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree): Llicenciatura in Physics, Informatics Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Optics and Optometry and Telecommunication Technical Engineering Degrees (Electronic Systems and Telematics).