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The objective of the Degree in Optics and Optometry is to train students to become highly qualified specialists for the assessment of visual health through the development of activities aimed at the prevention, detection, assessment and treatment of vision disorders. For this, the student must acquire knowledge, abilities and skills in carrying out visual and ocular examinations, design, verification and adaptation of optical systems, design and development of vision therapy programs and proposals for ergonomic improvements.

Given the characteristics of the Degree in Optics and Optometry, the ideal profile of the student is that student with training in science, including knowledge in physics, and with an interest in deepening the world of vision, starting from basic knowledge in health sciences until taking 18 credits of compulsory external practices (in addition to the existing agreements with clinics and hospitals, the University of Valencia has its own Optometric Clinic where students are trained in patient care).

The professional opportunities that are currently presented to the graduate professional in Optics and Optometry are those related to the exercise of the profession in optometry cabinets, whether within public or private health, as well as in companies linked to the sector of optics and optometry.