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2019-2020 Useful documents

  1. Before you go.
  2. On your arrival to the host university.
  3. On your return to Valencia
  4. Other documents and recommendations.

Important: grant couldn't be paid unless the student follows carefully these instructions and submit the due documents at every step.

 1. Before you go.

Erasmus Studies Briefings on March, 2019
Presentation Video of the procedures before the Erasmus Studies Stay 2016-2017

  • Accept the 2019-2020 Erasmus Studies grant through the application Entreu. You have to entre in the procedure “Erasmus Studies 2019-2020  Acceptation” and fill in a simple application form. You will only need to include: the 24 digits (IBAN) of your bank account, (of which you have to be the holder) where you want to cash the grant, the teaching language in which you will receive the lessons in the host university and the personal data (also ID) of the person we have to contact with in case of emergency. When finishing the acceptance, you will receive a pdf document with the receipt of acceptance and another pdf document with the official appointment of the allocated Erasmus Studies place and, if appropriate, the certified of having passed some of the languages exams you took on 15 December 2018.

How to get the acceptance documents

  • Formalise your Learning Agreement with the Mobility Academic Coordinator. You can find the list of academic coordinators at this link http://ir.uv.es/j3n0eh1. The contract contains the subjects list that you will carry out abroad and the recognition of subjects you will get in your degree. You have to fill in the Learning Agreement online through the Portal Serveis Estudiant. Once you have made your Learning Agreement’s proposal (preferably during the month of June), your academic coordinator will have to validate it (close it). Only if the studies contract is closed by your coordinator, you can print a copy (button “print”). Before going to your destination, you have to submit a copy of the Learning Agreement signed (scanned signatures are allowed) by the student, the academic coordinator of the Universitat de València and by the coordinator of your host university, together with the Grant Agreements (see below). You have to submit these documents at the International Relations Service based in the Palacio de Cerveró: Plaza Cisneros, nº 4, 46003 Valencia. (The students of the Burjassot Campus can submit it at the International Relations Office of that Campus). You need to develop the Learning Agreement (preferably in  June) , and your academic coordinator must close it before 21st of July. Otherwise, you could not carry out the self-enrolment.

Tutorial on the Learning Agreement

Indications of Learning Agreement 

  • Mobility Grant Agreement for Erasmus students (original) It is a document with the administrative and economic data of your grant. It is available in the month of June. We need the document with your original signature. You have to submit it on paper before you go, together with a copy of the Learning Agreement at the International Relations Service based in the Palacio de Cerveró: Plaza Cisneros, nº 4, 46003 Valencia. (The students of the Burjassot Campus can submit it at the International Relations Office of that Campus, Science Library ground floor)
  • Online Linguistic Support (OLS). The students have to carry out a previous linguistic evaluation in the beginning of the stay. To that effect, they will receive an invitation to their email address from the university during the month of June. The result of this evaluation does not prevent in any case from enjoying the mobility stay. It is also independent from the accreditation tests organised by the Universitat de València the students may have taken to credit the knowledge of the language, in accordance with the call. The evaluation is made in the teaching language of the host university, in accordance with the indicated by the students when carrying out the acceptance of the grant through ENTREU. More information about OLS: http://erasmusplusols.eu
  • Erasmus Studies Self-enrolment in international credits. Before you go you have to formalise your self-registration in the Universitat de València. Once carried out the Learning Agreement and after your academic coordinated has closed it, the international credits will appear on your self-registration. The self-registration will indicate the total amount of credits of the subjects of the Universitat de València you fulfilled in the Learning Agreement. Also, you can enrol in other subjects to take on the Universitat de València (specially on semester cases), respecting the number of maximum credits according to the enrolment regulations. You can self-enrol in accordance with your enrolment date, as it occurred in prior courses. It is expected that the self-enrolments are carried out through the Portal Serveis Estudiants before July 21st.
  • Online Languages Courses (OLS). Once you have carried out the linguistic evaluation previous to the mobility, you will receive another invitation through mail to take an online languages course. It will be in the same language of the first evaluation.  Although carrying out the course is not compulsory, it is a chance for improving your level on the teaching foreign language, without economic cost. Even though you start the language course before leaving, you can take it and finish it while you carry out your mobility stay. More information: http://erasmusplusols.eu

2On your arrival to the host university .

  • Certificate of Arrival. It is the first document you will receive when arriving to the host university. To send it to the International Relations Service, you have to enter at ENTREU and attach a copy of it within the procedure “Erasmus Studies 2019-2020 - Arrival”, the same procedure you used to carry out the acceptance of the grant. Save the original as proof. The processing of the first payment of the grants will be carry out following the order of reception of this document.
  • Modification of the Learning Agreement. The modifications are only necessary if the subjects previously expected in the Learning Agreement change. You have to complete the proceeding through the Portal Serveis Estudiant so that the modifications are reflected on the record. It is necessary to request it once you are in your host university and within 5 weeks after the beginning of the classes. Once the modifications have been requested through the Portal Serveis Estudiants, your academic coordinator will have to close the contract so that you can have a printed copy (“print” button), where the modified subjects and the correspondence table will be shown. This document shall be signed by you, by your host Coordinator and your Mobility Coordinator in the Universitat de València (the signatures can be scanned). It is very important that you keep a signed copy of all the modifications that you make, as you will have to present them in the International Relations Service, when you come back, as it is shown below.

Diagram of the paperwork and deadlines for the Learning Agreement

Important: We cannot deposit the first payment of the grant if a part of the above mentioned documentation is missing.

  • Request for stay extension. The extension turns a first semester stay into a full academic year stay. It implies academic impacts but not economic impacts. That is to say, during the period that you extend (second semester), you will not receive financial support. Apart from presenting this form correctly completed on relaciones.internacionales@uv.es, it is necessary to modify the Learning Agreement within the abovementioned terms. In any case, it shall be requested one month before the ending of the stay as it was previously expected.
  • Request to reduce your stay. We will only accept reduction requests received before 31 December 2019. Apart from presenting this form correctly completed on relaciones.internacionales@uv.es, it is necessary to modify the Learning Agreement within the abovementioned terms. The reduction turns a full academic year stay into a first semester stay. The reduction turns a full academic year stay into a first semester stay.

3On your return to Valencia.

  • Attendance Certificate. It is the last document that you will receive in the host University. It contains the starting date and the completion date of your stay and it is necessary to make the last payment of the grant. It must be submitted as a pdf files through the on line application ENTREU, procedure "Erasmus Studies 2019-2020 - Completion", along with the Learning Agreement. both documents should be uploaded in the same session. It is important that you keep the original as a receipt and that you take into account the instructions about the dates and correction prohibitions that are shown at the bottom and reverse.
  • Initial Learning Agreement and, where appropriate, modifications to the initial Learning Agreement (Changes). Together with the certificate of stay, you will also have to attach the procedure “Erasmus Studies 2019-2020 - Completion” in ENTREU and a copy of the initial Learning Agreement and its modifications. Both the initial Learning Agreement and the modifications must be signed by you and the two mobility coordinators of your degree: the coordinator of the Universitat de València and the one from the university where you have carried out your Erasmus stay. (Scanned signatures are valid). 
  • Final Student Report (Questionary UE) It is an assessment questionnaire about your Erasmus stay. The report shall be completed online through the computer application provided by EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency), responsible for the Erasmus programme. You will not receive the invitation until your stay is over and you have presented the arrival certificate. Once you receive the invitation, which will be sent directly through the online control system of the Erasmus Programme (Mobility Tool) to the university email of the student. You will have to make the report in the specified deadline.
  • Online Linguistic Support (final test). Around the middle of your last month you will receive an e-mail to remind you that you must fulfil your last language test. Students that got a C2 at inicial test don't need to do the final test. Get all the information at erasmusols.eu

Important: We cannot deposit the second payment of the grant if a part of the abovementioned documentation is missing. Also, you have to pass at least the 50% of international credits you have enrolled in the Universitat de València. The objective of the mobility programme is obtaining an academic achievement, so that is why you receive the grant. If you do not pass the 50% you have to reintegrate the amount received in compensation for the grant.


4.  Other documents and recommendations.

Presentation Video for other 2016-2017 Erasmus Studies proceedings and recommendations

  • It is compulsory having health coverage. Get the European Health Insurance Card. If you go to a country where you are not covered by the European Health Insurance Card, you have to hire a private insurance following the established terms in the next section.
  • In any case, we recommend you to hire a private insurance so that you can have bigger coverage during your stay. The Universitat de València is one of the Spanish universities that is part of OnCampus, company specialised on insurances for the university community. From this link you can hire the insurance online and print the receipt.
  • Apply it in the closest Spanish Embassy or Consulate. Visit the web of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This application is compulsory.
  • Here you can watch travel recommendations by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs .
  • If you travel to Turkey you will need to obtain a visa before the Turkish embassy or consulate.
  •  If you are student of the Universitat de València with an accepted Erasmus Studies stay and you have also the nationality of a country that does not belong to the European Union, you will need a visa. Consult with the embassy of your country and with the embassy of the country you are travelling to. In any case, know that Directive (UE) 2016/801 by European Parliament and Council, issued on May 11th, 2016, compels the host country to facilitate you the proceedings.
  • Ressignation. If you need to resign the grant, send this document to erasmus.estudis@uv.es 
  • Change Bank account form: If you need to change your account number, fill out this form and send it to the pagos.erasmus@uv.es address along with a copy of the book or similar document showing all 24 digits, from your university email.
  • Authorization Leave a signed authorisation to a person you trust. You can carry out the proceedings before the University when you are abroad.
  • Erasmus Student Charter. Know your rights and obligations as participant in the Erasmus programme.
  • Your rights as a European mobility student.




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