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Test Library (Docimoteca) Services

Docimoteca (Test Library)

The term “Docimoteca” comes from the Greek "Dokimazo" that means "test." The test library meets the main instruments of psychological assessment and intervention, psychoeducational and speech therapy, including computerized assessment battery, correction systems tests and assessment report writing.
The Service Test Llibrary (Docimoteca) of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Valencia, is primarily a support service to the teaching of Psychology and Speech Therapy Degrees and research.

Functions Tests Library (Docimoteca)
  • Organisation and maintenance of the Test Library as well as guiding teachers and students in the consultation of materials regarding psychological evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Loan service Phychological tests and DVD
  • Filing and management of reference materials and fungible materials that are used in psychological testing (answer sheets, profile sheets), arranging the purchase of fungible and teaching materials proposed by teachers.
  •  Installing and upgrading specific software for correction of psychological tests and psychological application. Helping students in test correction. Guidance in usage.
  • Collaboration and guidance in the preparation of psychological tests by teachers.
  • Going searches and upgrades of new tests and videos.
  • Collaborating and managing requests for applications in relevant public calls.
Users and conditions of use
Psychological Test

Teaching Laboratories 

Staff and Contact
Gómez Valencia, Mª. José Superior Technical Research mjgomez@uv.es
Rueda Nadal, Lola Laboratory Technical m.dolores.rueda@uv.es
Bueno Crespo, Jesús Laboratory Technical jesus.bueno@uv.es
Telephone: 96 386 4661
E-mail: labpsico@uv.es

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