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Universitat de València has started the implementation of the Online Office (ENTREU) through which you could access to the information, services and online processes of the Universitat de València Administration. You could carry out the processes from any place and in any moment, avoiding this way the journeys to the UV locations.

The administrative processes carried out through the Online Office have the same validity than if carried out in-person.

Progressively, Universitat de València will implement new services and electronic procedures in the Online Office.

Access to Online Office ENTREU http://entreu.uv.es/uvEntreuWeb/index_es.html


Download Request Form

Transcript of records (Degrees and Master’s degrees)



  •  Certificate
  • Pay the fee, if applicable, and hand over the payment receipt  in the Office of the Secretary together with the application form.



Through the Online Office “ENTREU

(Procedure: Certificado Acadèmico Oficial)

At Secretary:

Application (Valencian version) (Spanish version)

Enrolment certificate (Degrees and Master’s degrees)


 Through the Online Office “ENTREU

(Procedure: Enrolment certificate)

Proof of payment of Students Insurance fee (Degree and Master’s degree)

 Through the Online Office “ENTREU

(Procedure: Certificate of Students Insurance)

Proof of payment of enrolment fees (Degrees and Master’s degrees)


Through the Online Office “ENTREU

(Procedure: Proof of payment of enrolment fees )

Curricular assessment for marks compensation (Degrees)

  • Regulations on curricular assessment of UV degree students for marks compensation. ACGUV 108/2017.


  • Application after the Advanced Examination Sitting: From 15 October to 15 November 2019
  • Application for the 1st call for first-term subjects: From 27 January to 6 Mar 2020
  • Application for the 1st call for second-term and annual subjects: From 15 June to 31 July 2020
  • Application for the 2nd call for all subjects:



General application (addressed to the Principal)

Credit transfer and recognition (Degrees and Master’s degrees)

Regulations on credit transfer and recognition

Fees for credit recognition: 25% of the enrolment fee established by the Governing Council (art. 143.2 D.L. 1/2005, Consolidated text of the Law on Fees by the Valencian Government) * Except basic training of the same field and for the first time

Regulations on Academic Recognition for participation in cultural, sporting, student, or humanitarian activities

Guideline by the Postgraduate Studies Committee for the recognition of credits (Master’s degree)





  • Application form
  • Transcript of records by the home university
  • Programmes of the subjects to be recognised stamped by the concerning centre
  • Curriculum stamped by the home centre.


Application form:

First enrolment: from 30 July to 14 September 2020

Rest of enrolment: until 14 September 2020

Resolution of credit recognition: 14 October 2020

Application for credit transfer:

Credit recognition for participation in activities: During the academic year

Master's degrees:

Application form:

Resolution:  30 October 2020




Through the Online Office “ENTREU

(Procedure: RECCRE

Recognition and Transfer Crèdits)