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If you have always wondered how it is possible to listen to peoples’ voice or see their image being thousands of kilometres away from you, how information can be sent at a great speed through wires or without them with the help of antennas, or you simply are of the kind of people who want to know what the electronic devices you use on a daily basis (computers, mobiles, mp3 players, etc.) are made of: you are cut out to be an Electronic Engineer for Telecommunications!

Our degree provides you the possibility to get trained in this field through both theoretical and practical training, but putting great emphasis on practical training. We believe the best way to train professionals is by placing students in real situations, for they learn to face up the problems that might arise in the world of work in the future. This degree is designed to train competent professionals that, once completing their studies they can take on tasks with a high grade of responsibility both at a technical and directive level.

In the recent years, the professors of this degree have been responsible for developing very interesting projects and researches in the field of electronics, such as guide robots, reading devices for autist children, video, audio and data transmission systems through optical fibre or power systems for future electric vehicles, among many others. These projects have contributed and will keep on contributing to the welfare of society. If you see yourself in the near future leading projects like these, or taking part in the advances made in more theoretical fields, for example, the application of genetic algorisms in machine learning techniques, then you should study the Degree in Electronic Engineering for Telecommunications offered by the ETSE-UV.

You should not forget that this degree entitles you to perform the regulated profession of Technic Engineer of Telecommunications.