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Exams contestation





Through the Online Office “ENTREU

(Procedure: Qualifications contestation)

Subjects programmes




Mobility programmes


Representation for the Office of the Secretary procedures

According to the article 32 of the regulation 30/1992 of the Legal System of the Public Administration and the Common Administrative Procedure. 

It is necessary to provide an ID copy of the person concerned and the original of the authorised person.


Representation Document


General Application




Application form model for any procedure in the Office of the Secretary


Refunding of fees

Note: The refunding of fees request by voluntary abend of the enrolment   should  be held before 31 December.
  •  ID copy
  •  Original receipt of the paid fees
  •  Any other documentation requested or needed 

 Through the Online Office “ENTREU

(Procedure: Refunding of fees)

Bringing forward the call

For those who  have left a maximum of three subjects to finish the studies. The limit of three applies to all kinds of subjects (including the Degree Final Project). This requirement has to be accomplished when the presentation period of applications ends.

The  applicants  should apply to be examined from subjects that still need to be passed. Bringing it forward does not implies  to take a third exam in the same year.


  • Undergraduate degree:

Request form: Period finished

Exams: Period finished



Through the Online Office “ENTREU“  

(Procedure: Bringing forward the call)

Supplementary training requirements for the homologation of a foreign university degree

Homologation to the academic degree

To formalise the application of the training requirements, you should contact the Office of the Secretary of UV School Engineering (etse@uv.es, 96 354 32 11) or visit it during its public opening hours (Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 14:00 and Mondays and Thursdays from 16:00 to 18:00 hours).

Regulations of the Ministry 


  • Copy of the passport or ID
  • Request form for the execution of the training requirements.
  • Copy of the final Resolution of the Ministry of Education, Culture  and Sports where it is stablished that is compulsory carrying out specific training requirements for the homologation of the degree.
  • Payment of the receipt that will be handed over to the applicants at the Office of the Secretary concerning the examination fees.
  • Apply: November 2017 / May 2018
  • Exams: Ordinary Period


Generic application form model