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IRTIC and ETSE-UV collaborate in the route on the fossils of the walls of the Hospital La Fe with virtual and augmented reality applications

  • April 7th, 2022
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The ARTEC group of the Institute on Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies (IRTIC) has collaborated in the development, along with students of the Multimedia Degree of the School of Engineering (ETSE-UV) and the Department of Paleontology of the University of Valencia (UV), of the route for pediatric patients organized in the Hospital La Fe on the thousands of fossils that are embedded within its walls. The team has designed an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) application that allows access to information sheets on the fossilized remains, in addition to working on VR glasses that allow viewing them in 3D.

During the stay of PhD in Paleontology and professor at the University of Valencia Carlos Martínez and his daughter at the medical center, he noticed the marine fossils from Egypt from more than 50 million years ago included in the lining of the walls. After discovering their therapeutic and informative potential, he decided to promote the initiative.

Next to the real fossils embedded in the stone of the children's hallway on the second floor, posters have been placed with images that work in a similar way to a QR code, allowing access to information about the prehistoric remains through a mobile application. The marine environment where they lived, which would become the Mediterranean Sea, is also shown.

In addition, virtual reality glasses are being developed to show the fossils in 3D and in motion in their habitat. The application also offers a quiz game to serve as an educational tool.

As for the rest of the activities programmed by the Hospital La Fe in this regard, their contents can be accessed and downloaded from the mobile application, so that the recreational and educational experience of the route can be enjoyed from anywhere.


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