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Ricard Martínez examines the ethical and legal perspective of the implementation of data spaces in Europe at the Data Spaces Symposium

  • March 21st, 2023
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The Data Spaces Symposium event, focused on accelerating the implementation of data spaces in Europe and beyond, is being held from March 21 to March 23 in The Hague (The Netherlands). Professor of Constitutional Law at the Universitat de València and director of the Chair of Privacy and Digital Transformation Ricard Martínez Martínez participates in lectures on the ethical perspective of data spaces and their feasibility, as well as use cases from business, legal, operational and technical perspectives.

The European data strategy identifies data spaces as a key element on the road to a fair data economy. To address these issues, the conferences will feature keynotes and high-level plenary sessions, where the organization invites to network and exchange ideas.

The opening day of the event, March 21, focuses on the economic, social and environmental implications that data spaces can and will have. Professor Ricard Martínez will speak on Data spaces - what is good, what is feasible? An ethical perspective at 4:20 pm.

The day of March 22 will be full of presentations dedicated to success and impact cases, as well as the different perspectives of data spaces, such as the business, legal, technical and organizational vision. In this regard, Ricard Martínez will participate in the Data Spaces Support Centre Theatre session at 2 pm along with three other specialists to discuss case studies from four perspectives of data spaces: business, legal, operational and technical.

The following morning, on the 23rd, the Data Space Deep-Dive Day will take place, with numerous presentations and lectures.

Data Spaces Symposium is organized by the Center of Excellence for Data Sharing and Cloud (TNO), the International Data Spaces Association, the Core Data Infrastructure Network and the Data Spaces Support Center, powered by the Data Spaces Business Alliance and co-organized with EUHubs4Data and MyData Global.

Official website and registration

The summary of the talks and discussions on March 21 is as follows:

9:00 hours - Registration & coffee – networking

10:00 hours - Welcome to the Data Spaces Symposium 2023 – the data space event in Europe

10:05 hours - Data spaces are a true paradigm shift

10:15 hours - The Dutch approach for data sharing and the need for international collaboration

10:35 hours - Event-driven data sharing facilitates the real-world economy

11:05 hours - Inspiration & best practices from real-life

11:45 hours - Multiple lighthouses shine brighter together – interoperability and federation in manufacturing and supply chain

12:05 hours - Multiple lighthouses shine brighter together – interoperability and federation in personal mobility data markets

13:45 hours - Multiple European perspectives from governments to industry

14:05 hours - Breaking down the walls for European Tech Sovereignty – disrupt and innovate

14:25 hours - Intermediaries in data spaces

14:55 hours - Data space tech: What ingredients are there, which are needed?

16:05 hours - Interoperability challenges and ways forward for personal data space implementations | Insights from SEMIC

16:20 hours - Data spaces and data ethics – perfect fit (with Ricard Martínez)

16:55 hours - Pathway to Paris: Data spaces enable us to make Sustainable Development Goals happen

17:15 hours - A converged framework to make data spaces happen!

As for the day of the 22nd, it will take place as follows:

9:00 hours - Welcome to the Data Spaces Support Centre's first Annual Conference

9:15 hours - The European Commission's view of data spaces and the dedicated Support Centre

9:30 hours - The value of data spaces

10:15 hours - How to bring data spaces to life? Assets and services of the DSSC: From starter-kit to data space experts

11:15 hours - Domain lounge session | What data spaces in domains (could) look like

14:00 hours - Data Spaces Support Centre Theatre (with Ricard Martínez)

14:35 hours - Interactive four-perspective sessions

15:45 hours - Interactive four-perspective sessions

16:30 hours - Interactive forum

17:00 hours - Next steps for data spaces

17:15 hours - CIOFEST | The quest for digital sovereignty

17:30 hours - CIOFEST | International panel

18:15 hours - Social event "Madurodam"