UCC+i of the Universitat de València is chair in the Committee for dissemination and scientific culture of CRUE

UCC+i of the Universitat de València is chair in the Committee for dissemination and scientific culture of CRUE

The Dissemination and Scientific Culture Unit of Crue Spanish Universities, which is an entity that includes 76 centres of higher education and the main representative between them and the government in normative matters that affect universities, has launched the delegated commission of dissemination and scientific culture. The proposal, in which the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the Universitat de València occupies one out of the five chairs, is created to promote science dissemination as a tool for transferring the results of R&D developed in the higher education centres to society.

Among the objectives of the new commission it is also included to promote dialogue between the research community and society, to support the activities of communication and dissemination of research and scientific culture of universities, as well as to promote strategies that favour the responsible innovation and research (RRI)

The commission for dissemination and scientific culture was created during the R&D Sectoral Commission of Crue Universidades Españolas that took place in Universidad Complutense de Madrid on 4th July. The session was chaired by Icíar Astiasarán, vice-principal for Research at the Universidad de Navarra.

According to what Crue Universidades Españolas has expressed, the commission is made up by five chairs for the next two years. These are chaired by José Manuel López Nicolás (Universidad de Murcia), Pino Quintana (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Montserrat Capellas (Universidad de Vic), Soledat Rubio (Universitat de València) and Elena Lázaro (Universidad de Córdoba), who was elected the group’s coordinator.

Five working subgroups were also created: Unit for the assessment of the dissemination activities in the researcher’s curriculum (coordinated by Juan Ignacio Pérez, director of the Chair of Scientific Culture of Universidad del País Vasco); Unit for designing a catalogue of dissemination and promotion of the scientific culture activities, which is led by Marga Becerra, coordinator of the UCC+i of the Universitat de Barcelona; and the Unit for scheduling joint activities, which is coordinated by Isabel Ruiz de la Peña, director of the Unit for dissemination and promotion of research of the Universidad de Oviedo.

In the meeting of the R&D Sectoral Commission of Crue Universidades Españolas it was also created the group of institutional relations with other Crue groups, which is chaired by Ana Isabel García, director of the UCC+i of the Universidad de Granada, and the group of research on scientific dissemination in Spain, which is coordinated by Jordi Rovira, the delegate of the Principal for communication, scientific dissemination and fundraising of the Universidad de Burgos.

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