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Composition of the Committee

CHAPTER 1: Composition and functions

Article 1

  1. The Sustainability Committee will be formed by the following members:
  • The president of the Committee, who will be the Vice-Principal responsible for sustainability matters.
  • The secretary of the Committee, who will be the director of the Health and Safety and the Environment Service.
  • The person in charge of each one of the services related to the Sustainability programme of the University:
    • Policies for Excellence Office (OPEX)
    • Technical Unit
    • Administrative Procurement Service
    • Staff Development Service
    • SeDi Information and Promotion Service
    • Technical and Maintenance Service
    • Scientific Culture unit - Science Policy Bureau
    • Unit for the Integration of People with Disabilities
  • The two people named as Sustainability coordinators by the Office of the Vice-Principal responsible of this matter.
  • The deans who coordinate the Campuses: Blasco Ibáñez, Burjassot and Tarongers.
  • 3 PDI (teaching and research staff) proposed by the Governing Council:
    • Director of the ERI (Interdisciplinary Research Structure) for sustainability studies: environment, economy, education and society.
    • Director of the Nutrition Clinic
    • Director of the Inter‐university Institute for Local Development
  • Two senior specialists named by the director of the Health and Safety and the Environment Service.
  • Five students chosen by the Students General Meeting.
  • Presidents of the union bodies as guests.
  1. The president of the Committee will invite those people they deem appropriate to take part, but without the right to vote.