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Text Box: CAMD-BIR Unit Faculty of Chemistry-Pharmacy. Central University of Las Villas (UCLV), Santa Clara, 54830, Villa Clara, Cuba.

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How to Contact us?

Students are welcome to do their diploma (Scient. or engineering) or master thesis work in our lab. We can provide topics for student projects within our main projects, and the student will be a part of a larger group. There are several benefits for a student to be a part of a larger group, where they can receive both practical and theoretical supervision. This also means that the students work will be an important piece of a larger research project. We are also interested in recruiting and Ph.D students. For further information about topics that can be studied within our research group or if you want to know more about the projects we are working with or information regarding molecular design, virtual screening technology and so on, you are welcome to contact Professor Yovani Marrero Ponce.


Contact Information

Fax: 53-42-281130 [or 53-42-281455] (Cuba) and 34.963543576 (València)
Phone: 53-42-281192 [or 53-42-281473] (Cuba) and

   Cell: 610028990
*  e-mail;




"... It is exactly the possibility to carry out a dream that makes the life is interesting."
Paulo Coelho,“The Alchemist”

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