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Marrero-Ponce, Y.; Romero-Zaldivar, V. TOMOCOMD software. Central University of Las Villas. 2002.  CENDA (acronym of “Centro Nacional del Derecho de Autor”) Register: 712-2003. TOMOCOMD (TOpological MOlecular COMputer Design) for Windows, version 1.0 is a preliminary experimental version; in future a professional version will be obtained upon request to Y. Marrero: or

TOMOCOMD is an interactive program for molecular design and bioinformatics research, developed upon the base of a user-friendly philosophy. It is composed of four subprograms: CARDD (Computed-Aided ‘Rational’ Drug Design), CAMPS (Computed-Aided Modeling in Protein Science), CANAR (Computed-Aided Nucleic Acid Research) and CABPD (Computed-Aided Bio-Polymers Docking), each one of them allows to draw the structures and to calculate molecular 2D (topological) and 3D (geometrical) indices.


"... It is exactly the possibility to carry out a dream that makes the life is interesting."
Paulo Coelho,“The Alchemist”

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