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Vowels and Consonants

This speaker has a long monophthong /oː/ or /oʊ/ instead of the RP /əʊ/. Our speaker also seems to pronounce Wales and nation with a long monophthong /eː/ instead of /eɪ/. One of the most noticeable things about our speaker's pronunciation is that she does not pronounce the /j/ consonant in words like tube and few. The /j/ is dropped in tube, which is pronounced /tj/ or /tʃ/ in most kinds of English (example 2). The /j/ is dropped in few (example 5). This is not found in American English where /j/ is dropped after /n, t, d/. Only one /t/ pronounced in Port Talbot where a long “t” sound would be pronounced in Standard English (example 4).