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Vowels and Consonants


As in American English, often words like got are pronounced with an unrounded sound /ɑ/. The pronunciation of the first vowel of anything, anybody, anything with /æ/ is very different from most other varieties of English.

This type of English is influenced by the Gaelic substratum and is similar to the English spoken in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Notice the pronunciation of “th” /θ/ with a /t̪/ (example one bath)and the pronunciation of “th” /ð/ with /d̪/. English in the Republic is rhotic, that is, there is post-vocalic “r”. In RP and most kinds of English in England, pre-vocalic "l" is light and the "l" found after a vowel or after a vowel and preceding a consonant is dark. In Irish English all "l"s are light.