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Pre-enrolment is now open for the 5th Edition of the University Expert in education for democratic citizenship and human rights

  • June 9th, 2022
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Are you interested in Citizenship Education? Then this degree is of interest to you to deepen your theoretical knowledge and its practical application.


Academic year: 2022/2023
Type of course: University Expert
Number of ECTS credits: 15.00 ECTS
Pre-enrolment period: until 15/11/2022 
Online mode from November 2022 to May 2023
Tuition fee: €500 (public price pending approval by the Board of Trustees of the Universitat de València).


The objectives of the course include: To define the concept of Citizenship and its close relationship with democracy, to address its historical construction and the process followed in the gradual conquest of rights and freedoms that give it content, reflected in the

Universal Declarations of Rights and in contemporary constitutionalism.

To ensure education for a democratic citizenship, i.e. education for democracy and education in democracy, both as an end and as a means of education, for the active participation of citizens in the issues of public life that concern us.

To assume and transmit the consideration of education for democratic citizenship as a common good, as a process in which we must participate and therefore as a horizon that is always open and that can be improved, guiding our actions and our decisions.

To provide education professionals with tools of analysis and social intervention in their different fields and modalities, in order to base their daily practice in terms of democratic citizenship and human rights.

To make educators aware of the need for democracy to be considered as a universalisable value that offers the possibility of effective intercultural dialogue and respect for human rights.

To promote the idea that it is necessary to educate in the exercise of tolerance and freedom within the democratic principles of coexistence, as well as in conflict prevention and peaceful conflict resolution.

To consider and contextualise education for democratic citizenship and human rights as a substantial part of lifelong learning policies and practices, following the priority criteria of the European and international educational agenda.


The training provided by this course is aimed at professional development in areas such as: the design and management of socio-educational and socio-cultural intervention programmes in the field of children and young people, practising educators, curricular materials, social innovations and training initiatives.

It is also intended for professional development in educational institutions, social organisations and networks - among others the Citizen School Network, families and communities, training consultants, etc.

For formal, non-formal and continuing education modalities, at different educational levels, all of them oriented towards training and qualification for education in values, human rights and citizenship, intercultural mediation, peace education, development education, etc.

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