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2nd Scientific Conference on Advanced Oxides For Advanced Technologies (AOFAT)

  • Crystal Growth and Semiconductor Characterization Group (CRECYCSEM)
  • December 3rd, 2012
(a) Map of a Renninger scan. (b) Thin film of ZnO. (c) CdO crystals (MOCVD). (d) ZnO nanostructures.
(a) Map of a Renninger scan. (b) Thin film of ZnO. (c) CdO crystals (MOCVD). (d) ZnO nanostructures.

The University-Business Foundation, ADEIT, hosted the 2nd edition of the AOFAT Scientific Conference (Advanced Oxides For Advanced Technologies).


The event has brought together researchers and experts in II-VI advanced oxides, in order to address the latest advances in electronics, sensors and photonic technologies. Sponsors of the event include the Valencian Government and the Valencian Department of Education, while the renown expert Vicente Muñoz Sanjosé was in charge of its coordination.

The Crystal Growth and Characterisation of Semiconductors group (CRECYCSEM) is integrated by researchers from the Universitat de València, the Instituto Jaume Almera (CSIC) of Barcelona and the University of the Basque Country. It stands out for its research activity, centred on the crystal growth of advanced materials and morphological and structural characterisation, as well as for the evaluation of physical properties, specially the optical ones and the defects.

The conference included a rich programme, with morning sessions moderated by Dr Carmen Martínez Tomás and the evening ones moderated by Dr Elías Muñoz. Several speakers addressed topics such as the rapid thermal annealing (RTA) in ZnCdO nanofilaments with high Cd content, the application of electron diffraction for characterising ZnO nanostructures and the optical analysis of MgZnO quantum dots, among others.

The sessions came to a close with a panel discussion coordinated by Dr Elías Muñoz, whose farewell speech brought an end to the day-long conference. This event has not only fostered scientific dialogue, but has also strengthened Valencia’s position as an excellence centre for advanced oxides research and its innovative applications.