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The GI2AM group obtains promising results after one year of the BioRiceFinery project

  • 2 d’octubre de 2023
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GI2AM is successfully advancing in the project "Towards sustainable decarbonisation by developing a biorefinery platform from rice straw (MCIN. AEI/10.13039/501100011033)" (BioRiceFinery).

The BioRiceFinery project that has as PIs the researchers Javier Álvarez and Carmen Gabaldón has achieved the following achievements after one year since the concession:

  • The development of a novel pretreatment technology based on the use of emerging green solvents under microwave-assisted heating. This stands out for the high percentage of delignification achieved without generation of inhibitory products for fermentative organisms using mild operating conditions compared to conventional physical-chemical pretreatment processes.
  • The intensification of the ABE fermentation process through the development of packed bed reactors in continuous mode with in-situ recovery technologies capable of increasing 10 times the productivity of butanol previously achieved in batch mode. 

These results were presented at the congress “4th International Conference for Bioresource Technology for Bioenergy, Bioproducts & Environmental Sustainability” held in Italy last May. Two articles submitted to JCR journals with a high impact index are in the final phase of publication. In this way, the GI2AM group contributes with its scientific-technical advances to the development of a competitive biorefinery platform.

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