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This year the main theme of the school is “L’agua, un regal ple de vida” (“Water, a gift full of life”). Children will have their activities divided in 4 theme weeks. 

1st week: “Aigua dolça, aigua salada” (“fresh water and salt-water”)

During the first week, the children will travel around the world to discover the existing amount of water and how it is distributed.

This week we will do activities such as:

  • Farming
    • We will re-use plastic water containers to farm summer vegetables such as carrots.
  • Fresh water or salt-water
    • We will prepare dishes that play visually with the dinner guests. They will be able to choose between different dishes: fried egg, cheesecake with bilberries, Oreo cookies...

2nd week: “D'on vens, on vas, un mar de possibilitats” (“Where do you come from, where do you go, infinite possibilities”)

Children will learn this week how surface water is evaporated, the water in the clouds falls to the ground and the rain is filtered and flows to the sea. This is the hydrologic cycle.  We will enjoy activities such as:

  • Water mills.
    • We will build a water mill and explain how it was used for agriculture or industry.
  • Purification system
    • We will make a purification system in class. We will explain the consequences that not purified waters can have on the environment and the welfare of the people and ecosystems.

3rd week: “Amb els cinc sentits i un més” (“5 senses and one more”)

This week, they will explain the children that water can be seen, smelt, touched, felt and drunk. Water is indispensable and that is why we have to put it to good use. We will focus on:

  • Greenhouse effect
    • We will explain how the greenhouse effect is affecting us and the planet. In addition we will make a small greenhouse
  • An endangered gift
    • We will screen a section of Disney’s movie “Earth” to raise their awareness on the desertification of our lands.

4th week: “Tu em dones la vida, jo t'allargue la teua” (“You give me life, I’ll extend yours”)

This week they will learn the importance of water for human beings and how to use it on a daily basis so that they are aware of the amount of water that is consumed every day. What will we do this week?

  • Inventions for taking care of water
    • They will know the water retrencher, the waterpebble, the spherical bag and some inventions that in other countries have been implemented to reduce the water use.
  • Refreshing La Nau
    • They will make melon, lime and honey refreshments. Older children will make lemonade.