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Enrollment open at UVempleo courses with credits

UVempleo, service of ocupation of the Universitat de València, has launched an educational offer of 26 courses for the academic year 2019-2020. Both the students and the public in general may complete their education acquiring skills in order to streamline their labour insertion. The service proposes two novelties for this year: a course about family business (november 2019) and a course of finaltial education for employment and entrepreneurship (online-october and november 2019)

For their part, other courses are consolidated, which is the case of “Tools for employment search”- online training- which reaches its 27th edition. Like this one, the interesed public will be able to choose between seven online courses related to areas such as entrepreneurship and employment research.

Another proposals consist of training through selection processes, business plans development, personal brand or competences to effectively fulfil at the workplace.

All courses are recognized with credits university participation on degrees. This certificate may be obtained from a minimum assistance of 80%. The enrollment period has been started and will remain open until the previous day to the start of each course.



Date From 14 october 2019 to 12 july 2020. 24h. Every day.


Lloc Consult the details on each course.

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