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You can already enrol in the 'Citizens' integration into European Union democracy’ course.

  • July 15th, 2022
Imatge predissenyada

The lecturer for this university extension course, which will be taught in January, is María Jesús García (Administrative Law). It consists of 20 teaching hours and is free of charge for those attending.

The enrolment period for the university extension course "Citizens' integration into European Union democracy", which is aimed at all those interested in the study of democratic rights in the European Union, is now open.

Professor of Administrative Law María Jesús García García, director of the Jean Monnet Module "Citizens' integration into European Union democracy" will give this university extension course in January, which is financed with European funds and will be free of charge for those attending.

The course will provide students with knowledge about democratic rights in the European Union, as well as how to exercise them before the European institutions and EU member states. 

The European Union is desperate to engage citizens and promote their involvement and participation. However, European citizens are unaware of their political and democratic rights. Initiatives such as the Erasmus+ Programme in which this module is part of, seek to raise awareness of the EU perspective of European citizens as a way to contribute to making Europe by creating a sense of identity and belonging to a political community. This course, also financed through the Erasmus+ programme, is aimed at the same purpose. 

The 20 teaching hours of the course will be divided into 4 thematic blocks: democratic participation in the European Union, the political rights of European citizens, citizen participation and European law-making and, in conclusion, the synergies between citizen participation and intelligent legislation and their impact on the European legal system.

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