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About the Jean Monnet Chair of Services of General Economic Interest

The Jean Monnet Chair “Services of General Economic Interest in the framework of social and territorial cohesion” (101047166 - SGEI-EU) has been funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union in its 2021 call.

The Chair aims to teach, research, network, publish, create and organise dissemination activities that serve to raise awareness of the importance of certain economic activities qualified by their relevance in meeting public needs, as well as by their impact on the social and territorial cohesion of the European Union and its citizens.

Through the concept of SGEI, the EU authorities have tried to establish a common nomenclature for the different techniques and solutions developed by European countries to meet basic needs and to subject them to common rules in line with the application of internal market rules and possible exceptions.

With the term SGEI the EU intends to cover the different techniques used in different European countries to provide essential goods or services to their citizens and to make them compatible with the rules governing the internal market and the principle of free competition.

The Chair's activities will not only be aimed at a university audience, but will target the widest possible range of professional and social groups.

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