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Alfredo Rosado

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This is my personal website

I'm a Professor with the:
   - Group for Digital Design and Processing (GDDP)
   - Dpt. Electronic Engineering (DIE)
   - School of Engineering (ETSE)
   - University of Valencia (UV)

My research areas are focused on the hardware implementation of signal processing algorithms into embedded systems and reconfigurable logic, with special interest in the biomedical engineering field and industrial applications. Lastly, our research group is focusing in neuromorphic systems, spiking neural networks and machine learning algorithm implementation into hardware, including training.

You can find more details about my activity in my research profile at ORCiD: 0000-0002-0429-0573

You can find me in:
   Block 3, Level 2, Office 3.2.32
   School of Engineering (ETSE)
   Av. Universitat, s/n
   E-46100 Burjassot. Valencia. SPAIN
   GPS location, long: 39.512294, lat: -0.424370

or maybe it's better here:
   Phone: +34963543808

Any problem related to this site, please, contact the Administrator, i.e. myself.