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  • Autors: Gimeno, Jesús; Olanda, Ricardo; Martínez, Bibiana; Sanchez, Fernando M.
  • (2011).
  • Tipus de publicació: Article
  • URL Publicacio: Interact'11: Multiuser augmented reality system for indoor exhibitions
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  • Resum:

    Over the last years, museums and galleries are looking for new ways to show exhibitions to visitors. For that purpose, new technologies like augmented reality are used. In this paper an augmented reality system for indoor exhibitions is presented. The system is formed by visualization screens that mix exhibition environment, visitors included, with multimedia and virtual 3D objects which visitors can manipulate naturally using a markers system. This system has been used in the exhibition “Valencia, tierra de comarcas: Diálogos con el patrimonio”, which deals with a trip through the valencian cultural heritage.

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