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  • Autors: Pla Castells, M.; García Fernández, I.; Martínez Durá, R. J.
  • (2003).
  • Tipus de publicació: Article
  • URL Publicacio: Visual Representation Of Enhanced Sand Pile Models
  • Resum:

    Proceedings of the Industrial Simulation Conference 2003, 141-146 This paper overviews some models based on the Chip Firing Game and propose a modification of the Abelian Sand Pile Model in a lattice in order to implement a realistic simulation of a pile of sand falling and finding an stable configuration. We have modified the update rule in the way that now is based on the comparision among neighbour nodes. We found that the simulations can be suitable for doing them in real time and propose as a future work a better solution to reduce the computational cost of the algorithms.