Trobar Telescope"The sky at your fingertips" is a program by the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Valencia that wants to take live to your home, a través de Internet, the excellent night sky one enjoys at the observing station owned by the University of Valencia at Aras de los Olmos (Valencia), by means of a network of cameras continuosly broadcasting live images from the sky visible to the naked eye, as well as celestial objects that are being observed through the telescope at that moment. The observatory is placed at an altitude of 1300 m over the sea level, in a location with a night sky that exhibits excellent transparency conditions and very low light pollution levels, this place being one of the darkest in the whole Comunidad Valenciana.

Astronomical University Centre of ARas You can join in this Astronomical adventure by visiting our "Camera network", at the link shown at the top of this web page, in the gray area that will be your navigator. We have prepared an exhaustive astronomical observation program by looking for the most attractive celestial objects, and performing daily observations of them following a pre-established timetable.

To find out which objects will be observed every day and the observation time, click on the "Observations Menu", where you will find a calendar with the observations planned for each day. Of course, Astronomy depends very much on weather conditions, and observations will be cancelled if the weather is bad.

In the "News" section we will inform you about other activities that will take place related to "The sky at your fingertips" activity, like talks, exhibits and others. There is also a "Forum" available where you can leave your messages and suggestions, and ask the questions you wish to the astronomers of the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Valencia. Finally, in "Activities" we will provide you with activities and other amusements to perform with us. We hope to be able to awaken your interest on Astronomy.

Welcome to "The sky at your fingertips"
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