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Logo Observatorio de las Dos CulturasThe Two Cultures Observatory is a multidisciplinary research group focused on science dissemination. The concept "two cultures" was coined in 1959 by the physicist and writer Charles P. Snow so as to make reference to the isolation he found between sciences and literature, which were more and more specialised. Two cultures usually divided by a wall of misunderstanding. Two shores in the need of a bridge for restoring communication.

Following this idea, the group was born in the earlies of 2013 in the heart of Mètode, the scientific dissemination journal of the Universitat de València, created from the interest of analysing the relationship between science and journalism, two professional cultures that need each other. One of the first group activities was the organisation in September of 2013 of the seminar "Press and science: challenges and tendencies", in collaboration with the Menéndez Pelayo International University of València. In the seminar participated renowned persons in the field of research in communication and scientific journalism such as Hans Peter Peters, Susanna Priest, Dominique Brossard, Patricia Fernández de Lis and Esperanza García Molina, among others.

The group has continued the research in science communication and the practice of scientific dissemination through monographic numbers, publications in high impact journals, book chapters, seminars, conferences and lectures. Currently, the research group is focussed on scientific dissemination done through both, traditional media (in informative and opinion genres) and new media, specially through social networks.