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Detectores de centelleo líquido
Liquid scintillation detectors
Brand: Packard/ Tri-Carb 1150
Type: Equipment

They use the light-emission property of some materials when their free electrons produce excitations which later de-excite after the passing of ionising radiation. The emitted light turns into an electric signal that’s later measured with a photomultiplier.


Liquid scintillation is used in radioisotope measurement applications emitting beta particles when extreme sensibility is required.

  1. Environment
  2. Nuclear energy
  3. Water analysis
  4. Microbiology
Practical implementation
  • Radioactive isotope analysis and quantification.
  • Environmental monitoring and detection of radioactive contamination.
  • Radiological surveillance of nuclear plants.
  • Measurement of radon levels in inland and drinking water.
  • Detection of biochemistry-marked molecules.
Quality certifications

Accreditation 17025:2017 ENAC 959/LE1381 for Radon Activity (222Rn) in drinking water and Tritium Activity (3H) in inland and drinking waters.

Terms of use

Sample determination equipment. To be used by LARAM staff, contact the laboratory.

  • Roldan Garcia, Clodoaldo
  • PDI-Titular d'Universitat
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