Introduction to the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan

This document, set for public exposure, shows the objectives and priorities set in the Universitat’s action plan for the period 2016‐2019. Regarding the content, the UV Strategic Plan (PEUV 2016‐2019) maintains the four-strategy plan which correspond to our Universitat’s activity fields; namely: teaching; research; campus life and participation; transference and innovation. For each of these strategies, the Institution, through a common resource base, deals with a wide and heterogeneous group of collectives and specific and differentiated needs.

These four strategies are defined in terms of general institutional objectives; for their achievement, there are a series of specific strategic objectives. The lines of the strategic acting will be defined on the latter ones, which are a set of re-grouped initiatives to achieve a specific result within this PEUV.

Regarding the elaboration process, the development of the PEUV 2016‐2019 is the result of a joint process in which we have capitalised our previous experiences and acquired knowledge throughout the eight years of PEUV’s life.

At the Universitat de València strategies are thought of as vivid plans, as a journey in which the Institution tries to fulfil its objectives at the same time it explores and learns new possibilities and better ways of adding value to society.

Hence, after the necessary prospective studies, and with the aim of capitalising this learning; the development of this plan has counted with the participation of a wide group of members of the university community. Around 50 people have contributed to it; they were distributed into specialised working groups which have tackled the definition of the different elements which are included in the strategy and in the different fields. The conjunction of all these contributions have allowed the definition of a realistic and change-promoter strategy for the current context.