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  • On the verge of extinction: genetics of the critically endangered Iberian plant species, Borderea chouardii (Dioscoreaceae) and implications for conservation management

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  • Genetic fingerprinting of germplasm accessions as an aid for species conservation: A case study with Borderea chouardii (Dioscoreaceae), one of the most critically endangered Iberian plants

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  • Early emergence enhances plant fitness: A phylogenetically controlled meta-analysis

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  • Factors controlling vegetation establishment and water erosion on motorway slopes in Valencia, Spain

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  • Interaction between Stipa tenacissima and Pinus halepensis: consequences for reforestation and the dynamics of grass steppes in semi-arid Mediterranean areas

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  • Interacciones entre la vegetación y la erosión hídrica

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  • Seed dormancy in relation to seed storage behaviour in Acer

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  • Procesos de limitación demográfica

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  • Heterogeneidad ambiental y nicho de regeneración

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  • Reproductive system in the Iberian endangered endemic Antirrhinum valentinum FQ (Antirrhineae, Scrophulariaceae): Consequences for species conservation

    Mateu-Andrés, I.; Segarra-Moragues, J. G.


    International Journal of Plant Sciences.

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