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As general entry requirement they should be contemplated in some of the presumptions of the article 6 of the RD 99/2011 or of the second additional provision of such Royal Decree.

Recommended entry profile
This programme is aimed at those who wish to be trained as researchers in the field of Food Science. The programme is designed to develop the skills to conduct research and perform high quality teaching careers.
In addition, the student must demonstrate their proficiency of languages ​​in which teaching is taught in the training period of the Doctoral Programme (Spanish).
The recommended entry profile consists of those students who have completed formal studies that lead to the Doctoral Programme in their training period, in any of the fields related to:
· Food Quality and Safety
· Nutrition
The Master’s Degree in Food Quality and Safety of the UV is the most recommendable access path for students in this doctoral programme, ensuring the background needed. However, it is not the only access path, considering other university studies or professional
experience previously acquired who have provided students advanced knowledge of any of the following themes related to food science as Nutrition, Dietetics, Diet Therapy,
Food Science, Food Technology, Food Biotechnology, Food Toxicology, Food Quality Management, Food Hygiene, etc. which provide these students the following skills and competences:
· abilities and generic skills such as analysing, evaluating and synthesizing new and complex ideas in a critical way, including several paths: research, creative from innovative designs, and the driving force of various technology disciplines, just like the independent development of their own learning and their involvement in a teamwork environment.
· specific competencies related to de advanced knowledge acquisition and skills in the application of technology in the field of design, analysis, quality control and food safety from a researcher approach on the field of food science and to study doctoral studies, as: To be able to assess the influence of food components on the quality of food, to handle the statistical methodology and be able to analyse problems. Having knowledge of regulatory procedures in the management of food quality and ability to adapt processes related to current food hygiene regulations and food quality management systems, possessing the technical skills and analytical methods to assess various aspects of food safety. Knowing scientific basis of nutrition and managing skilfully the necessary tools to assess eating habits for techniques, strategies and models of nutritional intervention in special physiological situations, as well as the most prevalent diseases or those related with food, being able to recognize nutritional needs of specific communities.

STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS: Regarding to entry systems and procedures adapted to students with special educational needs, the University of Valencia has the Unit for the Integration of People with Disabilities (UPD), which ensures the respect for the principle of equal opportunities and non discrimination and supports the collective of students with special educational needs.