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Regulations about the deposit, evaluation and defence of the Doctoral Thesis   

(CG 29-XI-2011. Modified CG 28-II-2012. Modified in CG 29-X-2013. Modified in CG 28-VI-2016. Modified in CG 31-X-2017)

Call for the act of Doctoral Thesis defence
1. The president of the court calls for the defence of the thesis. The secretary shall communicate the call at least 7 calendar days before the event, both the members of the court and the Centre to which the doctoral programme is attached to. So that, at least 7 calendar days before the event, the defence of the thesis can be announced on the notice board of the Centre and on the electronic Official Board of the Universitat de València.
2. The act of defence of the doctoral thesis must be carried out within a maximum period of three months from the day following the notification to the president of the court of its appointment, except in rare circumstances appreciated by the Doctoral School.