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  • CALIBRATION AND VALIDATION OF SENSORS. Radiometric calibration of sensors in different spectral ranges using ground and atmospheric measurements. Validation of products derived from remote sensing using match-up ground and atmospheric measurements.
  • ENERGY FLOWS AND CO2 MEASUREMENT AND MODELLING. Physical modeling of the processes governing the exchange of energy (net radiation, sensible heat, evapotranspiration) and CO2 between the land surface and the atmosphere. Measurement of these quantities using remote sensing and in situ instrumentation techniques.
  • RADIOMETRY. Techniques for measuring electromagnetic radiation reflected and/or emitted by the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere through radiometers and spectroradiometers in field and in laboratory. Radiometric measurements in the solar, thermal and microwave spectrum.
  • MEASUREMENT AND MODELLING OF ATMOSPHERIC AND BIOPHYSICAL PARAMETERS. Measurement and analysis of fundamental radiative parameters in the atmosphere such as aerosols, single-scattering albedo, etc. Study of clouds and their characteristics. Climatic parameters. Measurement and analysis of biophysical parameters (NDVI, chlorophyll, reflectivity, etc.)
  • DEFINITION OF REQUIREMENTS FOR FUTURE SENSORS AND MISSIONS. Study of technical requirements (radiometric, spectral, orbital) for the design of new sensors and remote sensing missions. Simulation of measures, images and products derived from these new sensors.
  • DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING ALGORITHMS. Development of new algorithms for the advanced digital processing of remote sensing images. Restoration, correction, classification and parameter estimation techniques from remote sensing images. Image fusion and change detection.
  • REMOTE SENSING APPLICATIONS. Remote sensing operational applications in various scientific fields related to the study of the biosphere, atmosphere, oceans and inland waters and the cryosphere. Development of new remote sensing applications. Numerical simulation models of processes.