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This programme of official doctoral studies in social economy (cooperatives and nonprofit organisations) constitutes a new training and research project of the IUDESCOOP University Institute, inheritor of the previous doctoral programme in social economy, with which shares some elements. This doctoral programme has had to meet the quality requirements of the R.D. 99/2011 on doctoral programmes dated on 29.07.2013, the favourable report of ANECA.

The Doctoral Studies in Social Economy aims to  advanced training in research techniques and leads to obtaining the official qualification of Doctor, which is valid throughout the national territory, with full effects and constitutes the degree of higher importance within the educative system in Spain. The Doctoral programme in Social Economy (cooperatives and nonprofit organisations) enables students in scientific research and their specialisation in an area of social sciences that has acquired a growing importance in the last years as is the Social Economy, in its broadest sense. According to the latest report of the European Economic and Social Committee, the Social Economy integrated by Cooperatives, Nonprofit organisations, Associations, Foundations, Third Sector Entities and other social companies, employs more than 14,5 millions of people in Europe and is clearly growing. It constitutes a way of doing alternative economics, business and society to traditional private companies and public administrations. In the doctoral programme we analyse its lines and research approaches and we use the applied and adapted research methodology to the field of Social Economy. The research in Social Economy is addressed from multiple disciplines, among them, Law, Applied Economy, Business Organisation, Accounting, Financial Economy, Marketing and Sociology.

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