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The body responsible for the admission of students in the programme is the Doctoral Studies Academic Committee (CAD). This Committee in accordance with the Article 12.2. of the Postgraduate Studies Regulations of the University of Valencia, approved by Agreement of its Governing Council dated on 29 November 2011, is composed of five Doctors members of the Doctoral Programme in Social Economy, and will be appointed by the Postgraduate Studies Committee of the University of Valencia proposed by the Board of IUDESCOOP University Institute of Research, responsible of the doctoral programme according with the own regulations of this University. All members of this Committee should certify: 1) To have at least six years of research, 2) to have directed a doctoral thesis in the field of social economy, or 3) to demonstrate academic prestige in the area of social economy supported with 10 relevant scientific contributions in the last ten years. The Coordinator of the Doctoral Programme will chair this Committee. The ex-officio members of such Committee, if any, will be the following charges of the IUDESCOOP Institute: the Director of the University Master’s in Social Economy, the President of the Academic Committee, the President of Research and the Director of CIDEC-European Centre of Information and Documentation on Public, Social and Cooperative Economy. The rest of members will be appointed by the Board of the Research Institute. Additionally, an external member will be appointed by the Board of the Institute and chose among renowned researchers who meet the requirements mentioned above and that belong to the networks with which the programme collaborates: the networks Redenuies, Rulescoop and Ciriec. The scheduled competences of the CAD are coordination and academic supervision of the doctoral programme. Among the functions of this committtee is to guarantee its quality through a series of internal mechanisms that can be summarised in: Monitoring and regular supervision of the doctoral students by the director and co-director.Regular meetings where to analyse the student compliance of the objectives proposed in the previous meeting will be scheduled, as well as any problems that have arisen.  Medium terms goals will be also established, depending on the level of development of the thesis, possible publications that can be made, attendance to conferences or stays of the student in other universities.
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