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Labs are carried out in pairs, undertaking one lab by session. First of all, you should carefully read the outline of the practices to be carried out, whether at the beginning of the session or before coming in the laboratory. Identify the material you will need to use and notify any possible shortage. Some tools may have a common use in the laboratory, such as scales, barometers, thermometers (to measure the temperature of the laboratory), blotting paper, etc.

Begin to carry out the practice following the indications of the outline. Whenever necessary because of the complexity of the practice, the lecturer will conduct a preliminary explanation. If the practice involves electrical installations, carry out the installation but do not connect the circuit until the lecturer revises it. When using polymers, one of the cables must be connected to the “com” terminal and the other will have to be connected whether you wish to measure V, W or A. Do observe, additionally, if it is AC powered or direct current.

Although the aspects of security in workplace in the laboratory have been extremely watched out, you should pay attention to whatever you do and take special care with the following elements:

- High temperature substances and tools;
- the practices involving electric circuits and water: if water is poured, power supply of the circuit must be quickly cut, with dry hands, before proceeding to dry it out; and
- flammable substances (i.e. alcohol) next to fire or electrical resistors.

In case of an accident, please contact immediately your lecturer.

Finally, there is a series of additional regulations to comply:

- Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed in the laboratory and in the access corridor.
- Work table and the computers must be cleaned (that is, cables must be disconnected, first programs used must be closed and then the computer must be shut down).
- Take special care with the practice materials. If something breaks, notify it right away.


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