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Department's Teaching in University Postgraduate Courses

The Organic Law 6/2001, of 21 December regarding Universities, enables universities to offer courses leading to certain degrees other than the official degrees valid throughout Spain.

The Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October, which establishes regulations for official university courses, states an additional eleventh provision: universities, in exercising their autonomy, may teach courses leading to degrees other than undergraduate, Master’s and PhD degrees.

Each university determines how to issue these degrees, without causing confusion with official degrees in the name or type.

In exercising such authority, the University of Valencia has regulated its own postgraduate and specialisation courses, and has set up different types of degrees.

Regulations for postgraduate and specialisation courses at the University of Valencia were approved in the Agreement 83/2007 by the Governing Council, of 26 April, amended by the Agreement 98/2008 by the Governing Council, of 27 May.

In accordance with the above, University of Valencia degrees, certificates or diplomas for its own postgraduate courses may be:

  1. Master’s degrees
  2. Postgraduate university diplomas
  3. Postgraduate certificates

Likewise, University of Valencia specialisation diplomas or certificates may be:

  1. University diplomas in professional specialisation
  2. Specialisation certificates

In accordance with Real Decree 1393/2007, up to 15% of the total credits for official degrees may be recognised provided that the Master’s coordinating committee gives a favourable report of the student’s application.