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The journal "Cuadernos de Geografía", published by the University of Valencia since 1964, is one of the leading journals in our discipline in Spain. Throughout more than 100 volumes, its pages have witnessed the transformations of the territory and its landscapes, as well as the societies that inhabit them and the activities that they carry out. Many people - professionals and lovers of Geography - have shared their rubric with the readers of the Cuadernos. Their contributions reflect the evolution of the discipline, of its perspectives and objects of interest, of the increasingly sophisticated working methods and attest to the contribution that, from our universities and research centres, we can make to a better future. In order to maximise this impact, the preferential treatment that the journal has given to the Valencian reality has been complemented in recent years with a broader view thanks to contributions that deal with other territories in Spain and the world.

In 2018, with the publication of issue number 100, Cuadernos de Geografía began a new era with the fundamental objective of adapting the magazine to the new challenges of Geography and its communication in a more globalised and digital world. The fundamental axes of this stage are the wide distribution of the journal with open license and digital format; the accreditation of the fulfillment of the quality standards required both to contents and to peer review processes; and the positioning of the publication in databases and indexing of international prestige. The range of topics covered is wide, but always restricted within the geographical discipline and its most related areas. We continue to promote diversification in the origin of the works and areas of study, with special attention to the Mediterranean basin and the dynamics of its coastal countries. In line with this approach, original articles and reviews are published in Spanish, Catalan, English and French.

The management team of the Cuadernos de Geografía of the University of Valencia is:
Director: Dr. María Dolores Pitarch
Editor: Dr. Albert Llausàs
Secretary: Susana Tomás

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