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Participation of Professors Rafael Boluda, Luis Roca and Vicente Pons in the CAPMAM project

  • January 20th, 2021
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The SOREiMA Research Unit of the UV participates in a project funded by the AVI with the aim of researching the degradation of plastic materials by incorporating microorganisms into the compounding

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The SOREiMA Research Unit of the Department of Vegetal Biology of the University of Valencia participates in the CAPMAM project.  This project aims at research into microbiological aspects that accelerate the degradation of plastic materials in the process of composting. 
The CAPMAM Project is led by the company ADM BIOPOLIS through the sequencing and genomics unit; and, in addition to the University of Valencia, the AIMPLAS and GO-Global Omnium Environmental Consortium are part of the Consortium.  The initiative is funded by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) which, between 2020 and 2021, will provide this consortium with more than EUR 450,000 of funding under its programme of support for strategic projects in cooperation. 
This project researches the effects of composting on the degradation of non-biodegradable plastic materials by incorporating microorganisms, as well as the way to accelerate the degradation of biodegradable packaging present in household waste and the removal of microplastics contained in sewage sludge.  Subsequently, the use of the compound obtained as an organic adob in agriculture will be assessed. 
The project responds to the growing social concern about the elimination of plastics from the environment, which is part of sustainable development and the circular economy, in addition, it is a major competitive advantage for the organic compounding and waste processing companies, an emerging sector in the Valencian Community, which will generate new jobs.