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The Health Office consultation hours is a service for common or mild illnesses and accidents. In case of serious illness, the employee or student is sent to a public hospital. In the case of PDI with private health insurance, he/she is sent to a private or state assisted hospital. In an emergency or if the patient cannot move, there is an emergency call service number (112) for ambulance or SAMU, in order to transfer the patient to the hospital. In case of serious work accidents or those that require testing or evaluation by a specialist, the PAS and PDI staff is sent to the work accidents and diseases insurance company; the rest of PDI is sent to a private or state assisted hospital, if they serve in a private company, or a to a public hospital if they belong to Social Security. If it is a serious school accident or it requires a specialist assessment, the victim is transferred to private centre with school insurance providing that the student is under 28 and he/she is not actually working.
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