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  • Among the training activities, it’s worth highlighting the collaboration with the Master’s Degree in Gender and Equality Policies, within the development of content and aspects to be included in the programme; UV Undergraduate Degree Courses on Feminist Economics intended for the university community and the general public; as well as other training activities in diverse and participative formats, such as debates, conferences and seminars about Feminist Economics.
  • Among the research activities it’s worth highlighting the inclusion in the field of Feminist Economics within the Doctoral Programme in Gender Studies and Equality Policies, as well as the development of specific research projects on Feminist Economics in confluence with other dimensions of critical economics (ecological economics, social economics and / or economics of the common good). It’s additionally worth underlining the elaboration of studies and reports proposed by the Government of the Valencian Community’s (GV) Valencian Department for Sustainable Economy, Trade and Work with a feminist perspective on economy.
  • The dissemination activities include: the organisation of Conferences and Congress of Feminist Economics addressed to the university community and the general public; the editing of monographic publications in matter of Feminist Economics and the call for subventions and university awards to encourage the application of alternatives form feminist economics in the Valencian Community.