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Demetrio Ribes Marco, born in Valencia in 1875, was one of the most relevant architects from the beginning of 20th century. He was hired in 1902 by the Compañía de los Caminos de Hierro del Norte de España, and kept this activity until his death in 1921. The Estación del Norte in Valencia, the offices for Príncipe Pío station in Madrid, or the Barcelona-Vilanova station, are some examples of his precise and elaborated architectonic work. Therefore, he becomes an obligated reference when we speak about the Secessionist Valencian Movement, and one of the main protagonists of the first steps through a Racionalist Architecture. The Demetrio Ribes UV-CHOPVT Chair, of whom takes its name, tries to commemorate one of the most valuable architects from the 20th century.

The Demetrio Ribes UV-CHOPVT Chair is the result of the agreement signed in 2003 between the Universitat de València-Estudi General and the Conselleria of Housing, Public Works and Structuring of the Territory, and it aims to develop, spread and encourage the research about the transportation history, public works, civil engineering heritage and territorial structure. Since 2004, the Demetrio Ribes UV-CHOPVT Chair summons the Demetrio Ribes Research Award, intented to reward unpublished researh about these topics.

Director: PhD. Luis Arciniega García